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Shoutout to my family for all the incredible food growing up, nurturing the profound love for food that I have.

Shoutout to my first University roommate, Lakmal, for telling me to throw away my instant pasta sauce and getting me to chop those vegetables. First ever pasta sauce, accomplished.

Shoutout to the film Julie & Julia, which inspired me to buy a cookbook of my own with the intention of cooking my way through it.

Shoutout to Joseba, for all those meals we cooked together from that first Marmitako and beyond; to Simonsson, for keeping our glasses full along the way; and to Rita and María for the good times eating.

Shoutout to Rebecca, because I couldn't have eaten my way through London the way I have by myself.

Shoutout to Gil, that arroz negro we made together remains one of my finest accomplishments. 


Shoutout to everyone involved with the Marmitako of NYE 2015-16, and to Zabalo for coming back to make it happen for NYE 2017-18.

Shoutout to Jorge, for a great year of cooking, colchonería, pacharán, and keeping my fridge full of delicious food.


Shoutout to Luca for all the pizze, and introducing me to the philosophy of sticazzi.


Shoutout to Anas for all the sardines we've shared over many different countries, and those great trips to Poissonerie D'Agadir and Monsieur Himi.


Shoutout to Zuzia for, where do I start? For all our culinary adventures, from fancy meals to tinned tuna and crackers, for helping me get started and recording my first videos, for being there with me along the way, and most importantly, for your love and belief in me. You're the best.​


Shoutout to everyone I've cooked and enjoyed a good meal with, it's been as great as it has because of you all.

Peace and love x

"Cascando las patatas" for marmitako, New Year's Eve 2017-18

Marmitako, New Year's Eve 2017-18. Specifically, cascando las patatas.

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