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Calçots - so much more than spring onions

The calçotada, the Catalan meal celebrating the harvest of their particularly large spring onions (calçots), is something I've been meaning to experience ever since hearing about it back when I studied in Spain in 2010. I was enthralled by these larger than life spring onions, pictures I had seen of adults dangling them into their mouths whilst wearing bibs, and washing them down by pouring wine into their mouths from what looks like a glorified glass watering can.

Finally, earlier this year, I was able to coincide visiting my old friend Miquel who lives near Barcelona with the calçots season, which is usually from January to March. He kindly organised a trip to a Masia (old country house) in Valls, the town where calçots are originally from, so I could finally experience one. While we were there, the owner of the place very kindly showed us around, and told us a little more about the culture and history of this very Catalan tradition.


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